Best Treadmill Speed for QUICK Weight Loss: READ NOW!!!


The treadmill is an amazing invention enabling the users to walk, jog, even run in the luxury of their very own living room. Many people do not know the best treadmill speed for weight loss. It is an effective means of cardio exercises, routine workouts, and weight loss programs. A treadmill has two main features to work with; speed and incline. These two features can be exploited in numerous different ways to establish a routine that will not only polish your rusty movements but at the same time help you attain much-desired weight loss.

Altering Speed for Result

It is obvious that you will burn more calories if you set your treadmill at a higher speed. The advantage of working at a lower speed is that you can enjoy reading your favorite book or pay more attention to the TV show of your choice, but you will not shed calories faster. Jogging on your treadmill at a higher speed will help you lose more calories in relatively less amount of time.

Starting Slow

At the beginning of your workout routine, the speed of the treadmill should be around 1-2 mph. This warm-up routine carried out for 3-5 minutes allows your body to prepare itself for the forthcoming change as a result of brisk movements. Heart rate gets adjusted, leg muscles tone, different joints in your body attune for a smooth start. Warm up routine is vital for the beginners. Pushing your body into a strenuous exercise drill without preparation and proper toning can, in fact, have an adverse effect. Starting at a slower pace and moving gradually to a higher speed is more effective.

Speeding Up

After a 5 minute warm up you should gradually start increasing the speed. 8mph sounds like a reasonable goal to achieve in next fifteen minutes. You achieve this goal altering the speed after every 3.5 minutes. You can switch between brisk walking and slower walking to minimize the stress.

A workout that alternates jogging and walking has numerous advantages for those who have just begun, as well as for those who do it in routine. It is advisable to increase your speed 1mph after every minute until you achieve your goal.

You can always go back at a slower speed if you find it difficult to cope. Once you achieve your aimed speed, you need to go on for good 12-13 minutes. To avoid monotony, you can introduce innovations such as wearing ankle and wrist resistance bands, creating a variety of movement after every minute with your arms and hands, etc. This part of your treadmill routine constructs the body of your exercise, and it is important that it keeps you engaged.

Cool down

Proper warm up and cool down helps you avoid muscular soreness and aching joints. Your cool down is quite similar to the warm-up. The aim is to bring your heart and breathing rate down to normal. Continue this for 2-5 minutes depending upon the intensity with which your drill was carried out. It is just that this time around we need to pull the speed down to bring it back to the initial figure of 1-2mph.

Your body gets used to the continuous movement during this period of exercise, therefore, be sure to balance your body before getting off the treadmill.

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